Many well-known life science companies already rely on the performance of our products and services, so we decided to let them have their say. To this end, we have launched a new series of interviews in which we hear from them directly how they support our customers and what makes working with them so special.  

Join us for the third part of this series, where we meet the Regulatory Intelligence (RI) Module. It is the latest addition to our comprehensive RIM platform, EXTEDOpulse powered by CARA. Of course, our newcomer must tell us about the atmosphere within the team, its tasks, and its future plans… 


Nice to meet you, Regulatory Intelligence Module! Thank you for joining us today. Could you please introduce yourself? 
Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you. I am the Regulatory Intelligence Module here at EXTEDO and part of the Registration Hub of EXTEDOpulse powered by CARA. But please, my friends call me RI Module… 

Thank you! You are quite a new member of the EXTEDOpulse team, so our audience does not know a lot about you. Please tell us what your position is exactly, RI Module. 
That is correct. I am a new member of the EXTEDOpulse powered by CARA team. I have seen the light of day for the first time with the release in October 2023. My role is to facilitate the gathering and analysis of regulatory documents and information from various sources, including regulatory agencies and industry associations.  

What are you doing, and how can our customers benefit from it? 
I specialize in collecting documents and data, offering the capability to analyze and compare information from different countries, categories, and topics. Thanks to my clear and concise presentation, my users can swiftly make informed decisions. 

This sounds very interesting but also demanding. Where do you get all the information from? 
The information can come from any source. For example, it can be a document from a regulatory agency or an information published on a website.  

You are working closely with MPDmanager, aren’t you? What can you tell us about your closest workmate and line manager? 
MPDmanager is an excellent line manager because it always has the complete product information for me. As I always know about the current regulatory requirements, we complete each other and are a great team! 

And the rest of EXTEDOpulse’s team? What do you think about the collaboration?  
It is great to be part of a team that is so dedicated and works tirelessly. We all speak the same language and have solid common ground – a shout-out to Master Data Management powered by CARA! This makes cooperation easy and injects some fun into our work. Seamless collaboration is key for our users! 

You just started working for EXTEDO’s clients. What will your future development look like? 
My future development is in a direction to be able to provide more information for my users and more functionalities which will allow them to achieve regulatory compliance more effortlessly. 

If people would like to work with you, where can they find you? 
The most convenient way to reach out to me is through your dedicated account manager if you have one. Alternatively, you can contact me via the EXTEDO website on my page: 


We appreciate your time in sharing these insights - a truly informative and engaging conversation. Thank you very much!  


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