Automate your workflows and assign work as needed down your production pipeline

Access the information you need, when you need it across your system

Get supported within your operations from creation to access, review, approval and publication

EXTEDO's Document Management Hub created for collaboration

EXTEDO's software solutions can be used with file system or connected to your existing document management system. If you do not have a DMS in place, eDOCSmanager might be a perfect fit for you. It has modules specifically developed for the life sciences industries. In addition, we can support you with eCTD Word templates, which make the creation of eCTD documents and dossiers much more efficient. All hubs provide you the greatest flexibility in designing your IT infrastructure on-premise or cloud-based.


EXTEDO eDOCSmanager Regulatory Module

Manage data and documents throughout the entire submission lifecycle in a secure document management system.


EXTEDO eDOCSmanager Quality Module

Assign automatic quality control workflows while using risk assessment tools to identify and counter threats before they happen. Automatically manage workflows to review, approve, and periodically review your SOP documents.


EXTEDO eDOCSmanager Clinical Module

Connect all trial participants and processes in a single application and ensure best practices by documenting all activities.


EXTEDO eCTDtemplates

Consisting of a library of over 1300 pre-written MS Word templates, eCTDtemplates provide a simple way to create consistent and compliant eCTD dossiers.