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There’s only so much you can learn from documentation alone.

When you rely on the product documentation alone, you never completely understand the extent to which EXTEDO’s solutions can help you.

  • I know how the software works, but I don’t know the best way to optimize my regulatory processes.
  • My team lacks the practical know-how to use the EXTEDO software.
  • I am losing track of our processes because everybody works in a different way.
  • New team members need too much time to get familiar with the tools by themselves.
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You shouldn’t have to teach yourself how to get the most out of EXTEDO’s solutions.

Our training sessions are tailored to your individual needs. They cover a broad range of technical and regulatory topics to ensure you follow established best practices and become another EXTEDO success story.

 Basic Level Training

During these sessions, users are taught the basic capabilities of their EXTEDO solution, including its user interface and out-of-the-box functionality. Training sessions are based on common business processes to ensure participants gain the maximum practical experience. The successful completion of basic level training is essential for all customers. 

 Advanced Level Training

EXTEDO’s Advanced training courses target customers wishing to deepen their knowledge of a specific product. Our Advanced level training curriculum covers a wide range of topics. These include technical product details and insights into specific business and/or regulatory processes. Depending on your exact requirements, Advanced training sessions can focus on technical, regulatory, or a combination of both topics. Unlike EXTEDO’s other training courses, Advanced training sessions are custom-designed and can be performed either in-house or via a web conferencing tool.

 Consulting Level Training

EXTEDO provides individual training and other consulting services dependent on a customer’s needs. Our available services range from the preparation of personalized client training to support with ongoing submissions and business process consulting.

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“We found the EXTEDO solution easy to use the training process went smoothly. We were working on compiling dossiers almost immediately after the installation”.

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager at PHF SA

Your plan to effortless compliance

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We’ll discuss your challenges and develop a training program that best fits your needs.

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We’ll coach your team through a series of personalized training sessions.

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Become an EXTEDO expert

You will have the knowledge necessary to use your EXTEDO solution efficiently.

Optimize your regulatory processes through best-practise use of EXTEDO solutions

Training yourself on software can lead to misunderstanding the software’s functionality or overlooking crucial capabilities.

With our training services, we help your team get up to speed with all aspects of your EXTEDO solution so you can implement industry best practices and effortlessly manage your regulatory information.


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