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eDOCSmanager - The Regulatory Module

Manage data and documents throughout the entire submission lifecycle in a secure document management system

Efficient submission generation

Use industry best practices to achieve consistent, efficient regulatory results. The eDOCSmanager Regulatory Module ensures that your submissions are accurate, organized, and transparent. Store and access previous submissions and share content between different markets for more efficient submission generation. Digitally collaborate to build customized structures and assign content as needed with drag & drop functionality or prebuilt templates. Finally, transfer your documents into a variety of formats, including zip, Word, or PDF.

Seamlessly integrated submissions

As part of the integrated EXTEDOpulse platform, eDOCSmanager works with your other regulatory systems to deliver a seamless experience. By integrating with EXTEDO’s Submission Management Hub, you can use yesterday’s documents for today’s tasks. This enables you to quickly find historical submission content available through the Submission Management Hub, thanks to the automatic traceability of source components. Now, you can seamlessly interconnect your archives to RIM data, allowing easy reporting and viewing of related information at a later stage.


Track submission document status across your entire operation.

Organize, collaborate and review documents with your team online.

Tightly integrated with the Submission Management Hub for the most efficient lifecycle management.

Reduce your time to market with automated workflows.

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