Ensure compliance with global requirements

Streamlined business processes and improved compliance

Reduce the time and resources associated with the setup, administration and integration

Ensure industry compliance and improve the quality and consistency of your submissions

At EXTEDO, we understand the challenges associated with ensuring industry compliance and maintaining the level of quality and consistency of your submissions. Our services cover the entire regulatory landscape.


EXTEDO eSubmission & eCTD Services

EXTEDO’s team will help you identify the gaps in your business and regulatory processes and support to develop the appropriate strategies to eliminate them.


EXTEDO Regulatory Agency Services

EXTEDO’s team will help you identify improvement opportunities within your agency's processes and define the appropriate actions required to eliminate them.


EXTEDO Pharmacovigilance Services

EXTEDO's team will help you identify gaps in your pharmacovigilance processes and support your organization in developing and implementing the appropriate strategies PSMF to resolve them.



EXTEDO's team will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your existing processes and technologies and create an accurate assessment of the changes your organization needs to make in order to ensure IDMP compliance.