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eDOCSmanager - The Clinical Module

Create inspection-ready electronic TMF documents and records on the fly with automated processes

Simplifying document creation

Streamline clinical regulation and management activities within your organization; boosting productivity and eliminating human error.
The eDOCSmanager Clinical Module enables you to use a template-based approach for simplifying document creation and generating eTMF structures on demand. Reduce data duplication and errors with dashboards and reporting based on metadata to manage all of your eTMF information. Now, you can rapidly create TMF files and manage the entire eTMF lifecycles from start to finish from one location.

Manage your eTMF data effortlessly

The Clinical Module gives you access to customized dashboards and reports based on metadata to help manage your eTMF information. With easy-to-use eTMF templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and complete integration with the other processes of your organization, it’s never been easier to create, manage and submit your eTMF files.


A single solution for document, label, and structured content management.

Organize, collaborate and review documents with your team online.

Quickly create documents with pre-made forms and templates.

Boost productivity with automated workflows, notifications and reporting.

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