A single platform for documents, labels, and structured content

Organize, review and collaborate on documents from anywhere

Save time creating documents with pre-made forms and templates

You shouldn't have to choose between efficiency and patient safety

With countless regulations and patient health at risk, managing clinical trial documentation effectively and efficiently is difficult.

  • I am overwhelmed by the number of places that data is stored
  • I am never completely sure where to find the data I'm looking for
  • Our company is lacking the processes, expertise and infrastructure to scale-up
  • The day doesn't have enough hours to complete my regular tasks
  • I'm concerned about working with potentially out-of-date information
  • I'm worried about making mistakes because I don't have the right data
  • I panic each time I have to send out personal data by email
  • I struggle to keep up with regulatory requirements
  • We're concerned about unauthorised access to clinical trial data and documents.

Manage clinical trial data safely

 Streamline document creation

Use a template-based approach for simplifying document creation and generating eTMF structures.

 Eliminate human error

Reduce data duplication and errors with dashboards and reporting using trial data.

 Manage eTMF data effortlessly

Use drag-and-drop to manage eTMF file structures and create automated workflows to assign activities.

 Collaborate with your team

Work on documents and trial data simultaneously with your team and third parties.

“EXTEDO is a great example of a company that really understands the requirements of the market.”

Director Business Development, Technical Operations and international Business at Genericon

Your plan to effortless compliance

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Manage clinical trial data safely

Start following established and automated document processes and stop worrying about managing your information


A secure document management system for clinical trials

Poor information and document management practices during your clinical trials put the health of patients at risk.

eDOCSmanager provides a platform for managing clinical trial documentation in a controlled and automated manner; enabling you to minimize compliance risks and trust that the patient data you rely on is accurate and safe.

Simplifying document creation

Streamline clinical regulation and management activities within your organization; boosting productivity and eliminating human error.
The eDOCSmanager Clinical Module enables you to use a template-based approach for simplifying document creation and generating eTMF structures on demand. Reduce data duplication and errors with dashboards and reporting based on metadata to manage all of your eTMF information. Now, you can rapidly create TMF files and manage the entire eTMF lifecycles from start to finish from one location.


Manage your eTMF data effortlessly

The Clinical Module gives you access to customized dashboards and reports based on metadata to help manage your eTMF information. With easy-to-use eTMF templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and complete integration with the other processes of your organization, it’s never been easier to create, manage and submit your eTMF files.


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