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eDOCSmanager™ Powered by CARA™ - A secure document management system for life sciences

Manage clinical trials, track quality processes and organize regulatory submissions.

Running a life sciences organization involves managing hundreds of documents every day. eDOCSmanager is the answer for creating, managing, and organizing these documents while staying compliant and productive.

The development of highly complex and regulated products within the life sciences industry requires accuracy, consistency, efficiency, and quality for all the business processes involved. These include managing clinical trials, tracking quality processes, and organizing regulatory submissions.

eDOCSmanager is a document management solution for clinical, quality, SOP, and regulatory tasks. It integrates with the EXTEDOpulse platform providing a fully comprehensive solution for life science document management.

eDOCSmanager consists of different modules which work together based on your objectives. It is a highly configurable application that allows easy and incremental adjustments to business processes while addressing the demanding needs of life sciences companies.



A single solution for document, label, and structured content management.

Organize, collaborate and review documents with your team online.

Quickly create documents with pre-made forms and templates.

Boost productivity with automated workflows, notifications and reporting.

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Business Process and Regulatory Consulting Services

Tailored specifically to the needs of regulatory and related stakeholders, EXTEDO’s business process and regulatory consulting services are designed to support you during and after your eCTD submissions. Through a series of workshops, our team of experienced consultants will establish your business needs, understand your processes, and help you to define the most appropriate implementation approach.

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