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EXTEDO eLearning

eLearning at the EXTEDO University

At EXTEDO, we have a long-term history of training our users to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit from our products.

In the past, we have primarily focused on classroom training courses, but the Corona crisis has led to the cancellation of all face-to-face courses.
Today's customers are asking for relevant, mobile, self-paced, and personalized content. This need is fulfilled by online learning. Using this approach, our customers can learn in comfort and at their own pace. 
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Learn anytime, anywhere, on your PC or mobile device

Repeat courses as often as you like, e.g. to prepare test questions.

Access updated content whenever you want it.

Cost effective - no travel time and costs.

About our eLearning courses

Each of EXTEDO's training courses is designed to engage participants and to make sure all your needs are addressed.

All our training courses are process-oriented. Every feature is presented in its business-process context. We describe a business case, e.g. “how do you use lifecycles in an eCTD application”, and discuss the features that support them, e.g. “replace a document”, “Document Lifecycle View”, “DELTA View” …

All our training courses are set up in a similar way. After some initial background information, each training course includes several easy-to-digest video clips, typically 2-3 minutes long. All video clips show the relevant application in a typical/standard configuration. They follow a “barrier-free” approach, including descriptive text elements and a supporting audio track in English. The clips can be completed in any order. 

Each user validates their learnings by answering test questions, e.g. multiple choice or “fill-the-gaps”. After successfully completing any required tests, a downloadable certificate is presented that is valid for one year.

About talentLMS

The EXTEDO University relies on talentLMS, a cloud-based learning management system that helps small and midsize businesses deliver training to employees, customers, and partners. See for further details. Needless to say, talentLMS is also GDPR compliant in the way it stores, retrieves, and protects your data (see

Interesting to know

eLearning protects the environment. With eLearning, there is no need to cut trees for obtaining paper. Making traveling obsolete, eLearning has a very small CO2 footprint. Britain’s Open University’s study found that producing and providing distance learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses.” Thus, eLearning is a highly eco-friendly way of learning.