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Join Michael Faust,  RCC Business Consultant, and Nicole Sagner, Senior Pre-Sales Manager at EXTEDO,  in this complimentary webinar for an enlightening journey that sets off in the lovely town of Unityburg.

Michael will demonstrate the pitfalls of disconnected systems and improper information sharing, highlighting the crucial need for seamless data integration to enhance security and peace of mind. Even the most advanced systems can falter if they don't share common data pools, communicate effectively, or maintain data integrity.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • The impact of data silos within health authorities and the industry
  • EXTEDO solutions to successfully overcome these silos (incl. demo) 
  • A forward-looking perspective on the future of digitalization in pharma, both near and far

A short version of this topic has been presented in a talk given at this year’s GCC Pharma Summit. This is your chance to get the full picture!

Not sure if you can attend? Register anyway to receive the recording and stay ahead in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape!

Your Speakers
Michi Michael Faust
RCC Business Consultant
Nicole Nicole Sagner
Senior Pre-Sales Manager