AfriSummit is a collaborative platform dedicated to enhancing pharmaceutical and medical device regulations in Africa. Through the exchange of knowledge and expertise, the summit aims to foster a collective spirit among industry specialists, policymakers, and regulatory authorities. This initiative strives to create a resilient regulatory framework to ensure timely and equitable access to safe medications, thereby advancing healthcare and promoting health equity across the continent.

Participants in AfriSummit contribute to a larger mission of creating a unified and effective regulatory environment that meets international standards and supports the health and well-being of all people in Africa. Through shared knowledge and concerted efforts, significant strides can be made in improving regulatory practices, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for millions of individuals.

Are you seeking to enhance your existing knowledge? Register now for the limited eCTD Workshop taking place on 06 November with our experienced eCTD trainer and Regulatory Business Consultant, Michael Faust. Enhance your knowledge of eCTD submission formats, regulatory requirements, and best practices to ensure compliance and efficiency in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. Gain valuable insights into global regulatory trends and updates impacting eCTD adoption. 


Join us at AfriSummit to be part of this collaborative movement towards a healthier future for all in Africa. We are delighted to be back to support the event and contribute to the regulatory future.