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In the final lesson of our Masterclass, we will delve deeply into the concept of forward compatibility, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its fundamental principles and its practical applications in regulatory submissions. This session aims to equip you with the knowledge to understand its implications, exploring how different regions are implementing forward compatibility and assessing its impact on both industry and regulatory agencies.

Your Masterclass teacher, Anjana Pindoria-Rettenberger:

Joining us once again is Anjana Pindoria-Rettenberger, Director of Product Strategy at EXTEDO. With her extensive experience and strategic insights, Anjana will guide us through the complexities of forward compatibility and its implications for the regulatory landscape.


Topics of Masterclass V include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of forward compatibility in eCTD v4.0 and its significance for future regulatory submissions.
  • Regional implementation insights on forward compatibility and the implications for industry stakeholders.
  • Benefits and challenges of forward compatibility for both industry and regulatory agencies.


Use this opportunity to continue your journey to eCTD v4.0 mastery. Take the opportunity to round off your knowledge of eCTD 4.0 and get a glimpse into the future!