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Together, we will delve into the differences between the IDs that must be managed and gain an understanding of the multiple source locations of controlled vocabularies. From an overview of CVs and their sources to an examination of identifiers (IDs), this session will equip you with the knowledge to understand the role of metadata in eCTD v4.0 submissions and how you can benefit from them.

Your Masterclass teacher, Anjana Pindoria-Rettenberger:

Anjana Pindoria-Rettenberger, Director of Product Strategy at EXTEDO, continues to lead our exploration into eCTD v4.0. With her extensive regulatory experience and strategic insights, Anjana is your trusted guide in mastering the intricacies of metadata management.

Topics of Masterclass III include:

  • Overview of CV, their sources and their significance in eCTD v4.0 submissions.
  • Overview of identifiers (IDs) - the different types of identifiers and their role in the submission process.
  • Benefits and challenges of connecting multiple IDs throughout the submission process and of controlled vocabulary management in eCTD v4.0.


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