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Explore the fundamentals of Computer System Validation (CSV) with us - we'll delve into the key aspects, common challenges, and the role of validation services. Join us for an informative discussion on navigating Regulatory Publications and Guidelines within the realm of CSV.

The complexity of validation processes demands specialized expertise, so use this opportunity to learn from EXTEDO's validation manager, Julia Gatzka, how to elevate your CSV experience. She will walk you through the phases and deliverables that are required for a compliant Computer System Validation. Of course, she will also address common challenges and pitfalls during the process and how to avoid them. 

Our goal is to provide practical guidance to simplify your compliance journey. Secure your spot now for an insightful session that goes beyond the ordinary and receive the recording!


  • EXTEDO Company Introduction 
  • Why Computer System Validation?
  • “Key Components” of CSV
  • Challenges & Pitfalls
  • Support by Vendors & Consultants
  • Q&A session