Just like in the years before, we are happy to welcome you again to our interactive training before our eRA 2023 conference. This won't be classic product training. Rather, you will get the chance to actively work with various tools of our EXTEDOpulse platform and experience their interaction.

Join us for this unique opportunity to get some hands-on experience using our tools:



Introduction: "Simulation game MPD- / eCTD- / eDOCS- / eSUBmanager Integration"

Starting eCTDmanager
The elementary terminology of eCTDmanager
Working with a dossier / submission in eCTDmanager

Starting EXTEDOpulse powered by CARA
The EXTEDOpulse workspaces
A quick introduction to MPDmanager and eDOCSmanager

Networking Coffee Break

Activity Planning: Creating an activity in MPDmanager
Creating documents in eDOCSmanager & versioning
Attach a document from eDOCSmanager to and MPDmanager activity
Provide dossier information
Define "planning & tracking" data

Networking Lunch

Break-Out Tables


Trigger a "Follow-Up Submission" from MPDmanager

eCTDmanager & eDOCSmanager

Adding documents from eDOCSmanager
Submission lifecycle & M1 modifications
Document lifecycle (add / replace / append)
File-naming conventions


Submission planning data in eSUBmanager
eSUBconnect and dynamic view
See the planning & tracking information in eSUBmanager

Networking Coffee Break

Finish and export the eCTD submission
Validate the submission in EURSvalidator
Final questions & closing