MPDmanager Proof of Concept

Digitally Transform Your Medicinal Products

Have you ever wondered how your medicinal products look upon being digitally transformed into the upcoming IDMP data model?

Would you be interested in an easy way of managing and maintaining your medicinal products in an intuitive and user-friendly interface with guided help on complex topics?

Imagine a world where collaboration and knowledge sharing are essential for progress, would you decline the opportunity to subscribe to IDMP and SPOR knowledge transfer?


  • Manage complex product information in a very easy and user-friendly way
  • Explore, for the first time, how your medicinal products look within an IDMP model
  • Discover the benefits of having immediate global access and full visibility of your regulatory information
  • Explore the pre-released version of the next generation MPDmanager and its potential to eliminate spreadsheets in the future.
  • Discover the potential of how to maintain data in the future
  • Improve stakeholder communication through a standardized product dictionary and harmonized terminology
  • Opportunity for you to involve different stakeholders at an early stage and raise awareness of the value of maintaining corporate data in a secure environment.
  • Stay up to date on the current status from SPOR and ISO IDMP through our regulatory experts
  • Prepare your staff, organization and processes for the upcoming IDMP standard
  • Become an early adopter for MPDmanager’s first release ‘Corporate Dictionary’ afterwards with the advantage to influence EXTEDO’s roadmap and to make the next generation MPDmanager yours.

Today, data within pharmaceutical companies typically resides in different silos, the same data is often duplicated in multiple different locations andmost of the important corporate and product data is still maintained in Excel spreadsheets. Product information is complex and when managed as unstructured text, the data cannot be automatically analyzed and used as abase for business decisions at short notice. The need to maintain an increasing amount of data leads to unmanageable spreadsheets, a lack of transparency an increasing error potential, and inefficient impact assessments. Additionally, non-standardized product information and terminology results in different interpretations and miscommunication. We at EXTEDO see the postponement of IDMP as an opportunity for you to be proactive and push forward with gaining advantages within your daily work, knowing that IDMP is not only a regulatory standard, but also a  significant opportunity to improve your internal data handling process. By harmonizing your terminologies and using a single source of truth for all your medicinal productdata, you will be able to save costs, reduce your time-to-market, identify data ownership, increase stakeholder transparency, and gain more efficiency.

Proof of Concept Overview

  • Six months membership (can be extended upon request)
  • Access to pre-released version of the next generation MPDmanager
  • MPDmanager training course: IDMP data collection, efficient data maintenance, efficient impact assessment
  • Outlook presentation: Corporate Dictionary, benefits and envisioned solution
  • Introduction into EXTEDO’s vision and requesting prioritized feedback
  • System support & feedback acceptance
  • Introduction to IDMP data model based on practical examples
  • Update on EMA SPOR
  • Introduction into EXTEDO’s vision and requesting prioritized feedback

With EXTEDO’s MPDmanager Proof of Concept you will get access to our current Product Dictionary solution based on the IDMP data model in a secure test environment. This Product Dictionary serves as the base for our future Corporate Dictionary. After 1,5 days of training and support that are included in the package, you can start evaluating the tool, explore the benefits of structured data and prepare your organization for the future.

Additionally, our Proof of Concept program provides you with the most current knowledge directly from the IDMP taskforce. The EMA regularly sends updates regarding SPOR that can be complex, hard to understand and therefor time-consuming to go through. Our IDMP experts will process this information and present it in a way that it is easy to understand.

After finishing the Proof of Concept, we offer you the possibility to participate in regular stakeholder meetings. You have a unique chance to influence MPDmanager’s future as well as ensuring you have a solution that fits your needs.

About MPDmanager

EXTEDO’s MPDmanager simplifies the process of managing your data for multiple medicinal products registered in numerous different regions. By providing a repository for all registrations and enabling the future electronic submission of data directly to the authorities, MPDmanager’s powerful medicinal product database enables you to efficiently fulfil regulatory requirements surrounding the management of product data. For more information please the MPDmanager Product Page

Limited availability, so enrol now

With exclusive access to software and expert consulting, we are only able to offer the Early Adapter Package for MPDmanager to a limited number ofparticipating companies. If you are looking for ways to optimize your medicinalproduct data management processes, and you are happy to give us your feedback on our solutions, it’s a win-win situation. Contact us now to enrol before it’s too late.


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