DIA North Africa Regulatory Conference

The aim of the North Africa Regulatory Conference is to bring together key stakeholders and to discuss ways of improving access to medicines and therapies for the citizens and patients in the Region.

The Region is moving ahead rapidly in playing a major role in innovation and development of new medicines. A local as well as global perspective will support all key stakeholders in exchanging the current state of the art, best practices and future requirements as well as focus on getting guidelines into practice and practice into guidelines.

This regulatory conference will serve as an international and neutral forum for attendees to discuss how the different countries can play a leadership role in drug development. Speakers from local and international regulatory agencies, industry, and academia will present and will lead the panels and sessions.

The conference offers the opportunity for key stakeholders, including representatives from health authorities, local and multinational pharmaceutical companies, academia, and international governmental and non- governmental organisations to exchange progressive views on key topics of interest and identify focus areas for ongoing efforts aimed to increase patient access to new and improved medicines.

For more details visit: https://www.diaglobal.org/en/conference-listing/meetings/2019/10/dia-north-africa-regulatory-conference