DIA Europe 2019

DIA Europe is more than a traditional meeting. DIA members say, "There is something special about DIA Europe": It’s a chance to learn, engage, and grow as a healthcare professional. DIA Europe has become a landmark, must-attend event for many of our DIA colleagues.

DIA convenes their "Annual Meeting" platforms around the globe, from the DIA Global Annual Meeting in the US to regional annual meetings in China, Europe, and Japan, to provide a neutral forum where you can discuss current issues with the goal of uncovering new ways of working and new solutions for patients.

DIA welcomes participants from across the entire drug development spectrum, from discovery to marketed use, to facilitate open collaboration by incorporating representatives from the full life sciences landscape. DIA ensures that industry, payers, patients, and regulators all have an equal voice.

Details and Registration


Register for your free Sacher cake

We invite DIA Europe 2019 participants working for pharmaceutical companies, service providers or regulatory authorities to register for a Sacher cake and pick it up at the EXTEDO booth A54.

There is a limited amount of cakes available, so first come first serve.

Please register here before 21 February 2019.