DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting

For more than 50 years, DIA has provided the world’s largest global, neutral stage for life science professionals to come together and address healthcare challenges. Driven by purpose and focused on the future of health, the stakeholders who gather at our Global Annual Meeting advance science and technology for public health impact – today, and for generations to come.

Fueled by the ideas of more than 7000 attendees, the DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting will bring together patients, industry, regulators, and academia from all angles of the product lifecycle, from more than 50 countries. It’s the intersection of science, healthcare, and regulation, with no barriers, just a catalyst for thoughtful dialogue and debate.

With constant changes to the healthcare product development landscape, it’s imperative for life science professionals to hear from and talk with key decision-makers and stakeholders. DIA 2020 welcomes more than 400 government representatives and nearly four dozen regulatory authorities to Washington, DC—the epicenter of policy, science, and innovation. Our pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device communities will explore solutions and the processes that allow these healthcare solutions to expeditiously improve the well-being of the world and drive specific patient-positive outcomes.

This is the time, the place, and the moment.

There will be no other event like DIA 2020 with 250+ sessions, seven ways to learn, 13 subject matter tracks, continuing education opportunities, and 400+ exhibitors. You’ll build on what you already know, make connections, gain skills and insights, and be part of the fuel for the next great step in global health.

The DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting is More than a Meeting. It’s Focused on the Future of Health.

Details and Registration