Complimentary Webinar: Regulatory Information Management: Challenges and Opportunities

Regulatory departments are the brains within the pharmaceutical industry. Not only do they have high standards of regulations that must be followed, they also have to coordinate complex activities with multiple stakeholders to ensure medicines can be assessed effortlessly for quality, efficacy and patient safety. Failure in the management of regulatory information can result in compliance gaps and potential risk to patient safety. The alignment of the registration and manufacturing processes gets even more complex, when there are different data silos that create disconnections between operational and regulatory information.

EXTEDO and ASPHALION invite you to their Complimentary Webinar "Regulatory Information Management: Challenges and Opportunities".


  • EXTEDO & ASPHALION company overview
  • Managing regulatory information - the challenges and opportunities for your company
  • How will RIMS improve efficiency and transparency? 
  • Overview of RImanager
  • RImanager live demo
    • Managing master data and regulatory products
    • Regulatory impact assessment
    • Planning and trecking
    • Reporting
  • Q&A session

Event Details and Registration