Complimentary Webinar: IDMP - Latest Updates

With the imminent release of the IDMP standard many organizations are wondering how their business will be impacted and what they need to do to remain compliant. In EXTEDO´s series of three webinars, our compliance experts will introduce you to the new standard, and walk you through the steps you need to take to implement it within your organization.

IDMP-Latest Updates

Following many years of preparation within the ISO, the new IDMP standard is expected to be released on the 17th November this year. In our forthcoming webinar, our IDMP expert Christian Kravogel will present information on the latest updates to the standard and provide further background on the latest decisions from the ISO and EMA.

  • EXTEDO Company Overview
  • Why IDMP
  • The IDMP Roadmap (ISO)
  • The IDMP Roadmap (EMA)
  • Overview on the contents of IDMP
  • Highlights of the latest updates - what is new, what has changed.
  • Q&A Session

Date: Tuesday, 22 November 2016

  • 10:00 am EST (New York, Philadelphia)
  • 03:00 pm GMT (London, Lisbon)
  • 16:00 h CET (Madrid, Berlin)