Complimentary Webinar: EXTEDOpulse - How The Apps Work Together

Developing pharmaceutical products can be a multi-faceted process, involv­ing input and efforts from across an organization. The complexities of operat­ing within a highly regulated industry only further compound the challenges that a life science organization faces with every release. Having our finger on the pulse of the life sciences anatomy allows us to provide you with great synergy, connection and innovation for effortless compliance. EXTEDOpulse is a comprehensive solution consisting of five hubs that address every step of pharmaceutical product development. Use the applications individu­ally with your existing IT infrastructure or gain additional value by using them together based on your requirements and demands. With EXTEDOpulse, the flexibility for better solutions is in your hands. 

In this webinar, we will show you in a use case scenario, how the apps of EXTEDOpulse work together and combine to a RIM solution.


  • Schei Dattner, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, EXTEDO

  • Anjana Pindoria, Director Product Strategy

  • Andreas Wastl, Vice President Innovations & Technology, EXTEDO

  • Mark Medley, Product Manager, EXTEDO

Event Details and Registration

Wednesday, 02 December 2020

09:00 am EST (New York, Philadelphia)
14:00 h GMT (London, Lisbon)
15:00 h CET (Berlin, Madrid)
16:00 h EET (Cairo, Amman)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Participation is free of charge.