Complimentary Webinar: EXTEDO eCTDtemplates - Simplifying the Authoring Process of eCTD Dossiers

Creating eCTD documents can be a time-consuming process involving many different authors, working with numerous different documents. With each individual author writing in their own style, the resulting documents are often inconsistent in appearance and format. This often leads to a lengthy review, both internally and at the agencies. 

EXTEDO eCTDtemplates provide a simple way to create consistent and compliant eCTD dossiers. 
We would like to invite you to our Complimentary Webinar "EXTEDO eCTDtemplates - Simplifying the Authoring Process of eCTD Dossiers".

Join our webinar and learn more about EXTEDO's recently introduced eCTDtemplates that help your authors focus on content and automate the style to reduce common errors and provide a harmonized structure for non-regulatory personnel.


  • EXTEDO Corporate Overview
  • Introduction and Overview of eCTDtemplates
  • Word Functionality and Authoring
  • Electronic Submission Preparation
  • Q&A Session

Event Details and Registration

Date: Tuesday, 22 May 2018

  • 10:00 am EDT (New York, Philadelphia)
  • 03:00 pm BST (London, Lisbon)
  • 16:00 h    CEST (Madrid, Berlin)

Duration: 60 Minutes
Participation is free of charge.