Complimentary Webinar: Data extraction from SmPCs into structured data for ISO IDMP compliance

EXTEDO´s Partner ASPHALION organizes a complimentary webinar titled "Data extraction from SmPCs into structured data for ISO IDMP compliance". They will provide you with a demonstration of EXTEDO's IDMP Solution MPDmanager.

ISO IDMP is coming and will require collection of additional data elements. Even though a lot of data was copied out of SmPCs for xEVMPD already, further data extraction from SmPCs is required for ISO IDMP implementation.

Have you already considered how you will solve this time-consuming challenge?
Instead of manual data extraction, mapping and preparation, you might be interested in utilising automatic extraction of data from SmPCs (or any other documents).
On 7th July at 10.00 a.m. (CET), Asphalion together with Taxonic/OntoPharma is hosting a demo about the automatic data extraction from the SmPCs.
During the demo, we will showcase how the tool can:

  • Extract the data from multiple documents with different languages.
  • Process the data to make it ready for submission.
  • Export the extracted data in different formats for further processing. 

Furthermore, Asphalion will show how the extracted data can be further processed in EXTEDO's MPDmanager (IDMP tool). This part of the demo will cover the automatic import, update, validation and submission of data.