Complimentary Webinar: An Introduction to EXTEDO's Electronic Submission Management Solutions

The effective management of validated and compliant electronic submissions is complex. To ensure effortless compliance you need submission management solutions that enable you to easily build, view, review, validate and publish electronic submissions based on different standards. 

EXTEDO invites you to its complimentary webinar "An Introduction to EXTEDO's Electronic Submission Management Solutions".

During the webinar, Zhanna Vlasenko and Christina Stavrinidis will show you how you can publish compliant eSubmissions with eCTDmanager. They will then talk about the efficient viewing and reviewing of submissions within eSUBmanager and will show you how to ensure compliance with EXTEDO's EURSvalidator. 


After the presentation the speakers will answer your questions in the Q&A session.

  1. EXTEDO company overview
  2. TeamTranquil company overview
  3. Publishing compliant eCTD submissions with eCTDmanager
  4. Efficiently view and review submissions with eSUBmanager
  5. Ensuring eCTD compliance with EURSvalidator
  6. Q&A session


Tuesday, 01 October 2019

03:00 pm IST (New Delhi, Mumbai)
12:30 h    CEST (Madrid, Berlin)
Duration: 60 minutes

Registration (free of charge)