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EXTEDOpulse - Synergy, Connection and Innovation

Listening to you while having our finger on the pulse of the life sciences anatomy allows us to proudly present you our new offering EXTEDOpulse – synergy, connection, and innovation supporting your effortless compliance.

During the last months, we worked on the transformation of our product portfolio being even more at the pulse of your business.
EXTEDOpulse incorporates nearly 25 years of experience with regulatory solutions for industry and agencies. With the new business apps being part of the EXTEDOpulse offering, we are now able to extend the scope of maximizing your productivity while keeping our mission to be your partner for effortless compliance as an important added value. 

EXTEDOpulse offers five major hubs covering Planning & Tracking, Document Management, Registration Management, Submission Management and Safety Management

EXTEDOpulse is using an integrated approach, but different from many others, follows a best of bread selection and implementation approach also offering integration with existing solutions. 

Due to your feedback being part of the EXTEDO influencer program EXTEDOpulse today already offers an even bigger customer focus than we could offer with the EXTEDOsuite. Some of the highlights are: 

  • EXTEDOpulse extends our footprint into Planning & Tracking with a widely used project and task management application enhanced by EXTEDO to fulfill the requirements of life sciences companies.
  • With our new DMS hub we are now offering a Document Management solution which is supporting Regulatory but also Clinical-, Quality- or SOP-Management.
  • And with the added business support in the eSUBmanager app we have added high value to your Submission Management work, allowing you to not only view and review but also plan and track your submission content in combination with the eCTDmanager app. 

Use the different EXTEDOpulse apps individually within your existing IT infrastructure or gain additional value by using them together in the cloud. 

EXTEDOpulse is newly offered as subscription plans allowing you to choose your best fitting model flexible and scalable in both security and innovation.