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EXTEDO Announces Next Generation Pharmacovigilance Solution

EXTEDO delivers support for the latest E2B (R3) standard in its next generation pharmacovigilance offering

Munich, Germany - March 01, 2019 - EXTEDO, a leading provider of Regulatory Information Management solutions, today announced the release of their next generation pharmacovigilance and drug safety offerings.

EXTEDO SafetyEasy™ PV offering is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution designed to streamline pharmacovigilance processes within regulated organizations. It provides the ability to classify, create, review, submit and maintain pharmacovigilance data and adverse event reports within a single, easy-to-use application.

“SafetyEasy™ PV is the future of adverse event processing and safety monitoring”, said Christian Bohrmann, VP Marketing & Alliances at EXTEDO. “Over recent years we have seen an ever-growing demand for a cloud-based vigilance solution. So as we transition our safety database to the latest E2B(R3) standard we have chosen to partner with AB Cube, one of the leading SaaS safety database providers.”

Built specifically to support the E2B(R3) standard, SafetyEasy™ PV handles the reporting and management of all serious and non-serious adverse events. Its future-proof approach is able to generate documentation based around current safety standards and is ready for the arrival of IDMP.

EXTEDO also announced that they will be adding AB Cube’s other safety solutions for medical devices and cosmetics to their EXTEDOsuite portfolio in the coming months.

Pricing and Availability

SafetyEasy™ PV is available through EXTEDO from today and other safety database options will follow in the coming months. For further details visit or contact your local EXTEDO account manager.

About AB Cube

AB Cube is a leading provider of SaaS-based pharmacovigilance and safety databases. Founded in Paris in 2006, their goal was to provide a centralised platform for management of safety information. Over the years the company has grown to encompass numerous different types of vigilance and the platform now supports over 100 customers, with 500 databases and more than 1,800 users worldwide.


EXTEDO was founded in 1996 as a department of IABG with a simple vision: to help life sciences organizations ensure Effortless Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. EXTEDO is the only vendor that provides solutions covering the entire regulatory landscape. The EXTEDOsuite combines innovation with compliance, and quality with usability. From Product Registration Planning & Tracking, to Submission Publishing & Lifecycle Management, to Pharmacovigilance Management and Document Management, we are here to optimize your e-Regulatory business processes.