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EXTEDO Announces New Integration of eCTDmanager with Alfresco Content Services

Munich, Germany – September 25, 2018 - EXTEDO, a leading provider of Regulatory Information Management solutions, today announced the integration of their leading electronic submissions management solution eCTDmanager with Alfresco Content Services from Alfresco Software, Inc.

Alfresco DMS Connector for eCTDmanager streamlines the process of creating and maintaining NeeS and eCTD compliant submissions. Through the new connector, life sciences firms can readily view, review, compile, and publish submissions that contain documents managed within Alfresco repositories.

“With ever more organizations using Alfresco to support their regulatory submission processes, the availability of a standard connector will simplify their business processes and improve their ability to deliver compliant submissions within shorter timescales.” said Maximilian Munte, Managing Director at EXTEDO.

Through a direct connection to the Alfresco DMS, users can ready drag-and-drop documents into sequences, view metadata and manage versions without the need to leave the eCTDmanager environment. The use of a common interface reduces the time taken to create and publish valid submissions, whilst ensuring consistency and reducing the expense of regulatory compliance.

About Alfresco

Alfresco Software, Inc. (“Alfresco”) is an enterprise open source software company focused on advancing the flow of digital business. The company provides a better, more effortless way for people to work, making sure they have the information they need, exactly when they need it most. The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is used to digitize processes, manage content and securely govern information. Alfresco helps over 1,300 industry-leading organizations, including Cisco, Bank of NY Mellon, Capital One, US Department of Navy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and NASA, be more responsive and competitive.


EXTEDO was founded in 1996 as a department of IABG with a simple vision: to help life sciences organizations ensure Effortless Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. EXTEDO is the only vendor that provides solutions covering the entire regulatory landscape. The EXTEDOsuite combines innovation with compliance, and quality with usability. From Product Registration Planning & Tracking, to Submission Publishing & Lifecycle Management, to Pharmacovigilance Management and Document Management, we are here to optimize your e-Regulatory business processes.